To be human is to encounter questions that are profoundly moving. Driven by wonder, our innate curiosity tends to latch on to these weighty questions. We search, at times relentlessly, until we create, discover, or merely stumble upon some answer that comforts the rational aspect of who we are. But there is a subset of these quintessentially human questions, these deeply burning needs, that will not rest within the safe harbor afforded through reason alone. Sometimes, as human knowers, we seek answers that transcend the horizon informed by reason. For many, the search for God is a question that transcends the answers made possible by reason alone.


image Within this site, you will find resources dedicated to religious studies specifically and to many of the world's major religious traditions. The amount of resources offered per tradition does vary but the type of resources available does include videos, infographics, videos, apps, and articles. Every effort will be made to embed the relevant resources within our course shell, but you can use this site as a backup to our course shell or to explore topics of interest at your leisure.